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Dolly as she appears in Moonraker.


Moonraker is a 1979 British spy film, the eleventh in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions, and the fourth to star Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The third and final film in the series to be directed by Lewis Gilbert, it co-stars Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, Corinne Cléry, and Richard Kiel. Bond investigates the theft of a space shuttle, leading him to Hugo Drax, the owner of the shuttle's manufacturing firm. Along with space scientist Dr. Holly Goodhead, Bond follows the trail from California to Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and the Amazon rainforest, and finally into outer space to prevent a plot to wipe out the world population and to recreate humanity with a master race. [1]

Mandela Effect

Many people remember the character Dolly having braces, although she currently appears to not have any. [2] Many people claim that the entire concept behind the scene was that Jaws, a character with metal teeth, fell in love with Dolly after noticing that she also had "metal teeth". [3]


Compared to other Mandela Effects, this particular effect has a lot of potential residue. Firstly, a user on Reddit who claimed to be in the field of digital graphics work noticed that braces seem to suddenly appear on Dolly's teeth as a glass passes over her face, leading the user to believe that the braces were digitally removed from the film. [4]
Dolly's braces seem to suddenly appear as she takes a sip from the glass. (click to view .gif

Many websites are also quoted talking about Dolly's braces in the film. [5]

It also saw romance blossom between Jaws and Dolly, a small, pig-tailed blonde with braces, comically played by Blanch Ravalec.[6]
In Moonraker, the filmmakers must have been worried about Jaws being too scary so they softened him up by introducing him to a nice girl with pigtails and braces.[7]
The complete opposite of Jaws, Dolly is a short blond girl with pigtails, glasses and braces.[8]
She instantly falls in love with his henchman, Jaws, and, with her endearing glasses, pigtails, and braces (and cleavage),[9]

Finally, one final piece of potential residue is a VISA commercial based on the movie, in which the cashier smiles at Jaws similarly to Dolly, but the braces are the focus of this scene. [10]

Potential Explanations

One potential explanation is that the braces were removed for some unknown reason. [11] Another explanation is that Dolly's appearance in the film stereotypically fits the appearance of someone with braces, so braces are presumed to be seen although they have truly been absent all along. [12]

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