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Welcome to the Mandela Effect Wiki!

The Mandela Effect Wiki contains information from various perspectives on reported Mandela Effects. The Wiki holds a strictly neutral view, meaning that articles must not be biased in favor of skeptical or believer beliefs and both sides must be represented in each article. No personal experiences, and stories about changes affecting only you personally. A Mandela Effect, by definition, must affect a large group of people. If it can potentially apply to a lot of people, it goes in the DAE Mega-Thread on reddit. If said Mandela Effect is well known and widely experienced, it may be posted on the wiki.

The Wiki does not endorse any particular beliefs about the Mandela Effect, and anything posted on this Wiki should not be considered proof of anything, rather anything posted will be the opinions, thoughts, and discoveries of people interested in the Mandela Effect, complete with citations. Nothing should be accepted as fact without first reading through the citations to form your own view. The nature of the Mandela Effect is such that nothing can be proved.

Want to help?

First, sign up for the Mandela Effect Wiki at the top right corner of your screen. The wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia, so the interface will hopefully be familiar to you. To create a new page, search for it at the top, and if the page doesn't already exist it will prompt you to create it. Currently, there are only a few entries on the wiki. We need help converting the old subreddit wiki to the new wiki, so feel free to go through the subreddit wiki and add any entries to this wiki.


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